Kitchen & Bathroom Replacement Programme

Project Value: £1.2m

We were commissioned to undertake a survey of existing kitchens and bathrooms of 220+ dwellings located in several villages throughout Derbyshire, from Hathersage in the North to Doveridge near Uttoxeter in the South, on properties which had recently been transferred from Local Authority control to a private organisation and to prepare proposals to bring the kitchen and bathrooms up to current best standards.

The work consisted of arranging with individual tenants to carry out a comprehensive survey of each kitchen and bathroom and preparing drawings indicating all existing fittings and service positions. Then agreeing with each tenant a full refit,  relocating/rewiring services as required, removing pantry walls and such other walls as to make the best use of each room without affecting the integrity of the dwelling.

Each kitchen and bathroom was uniquely designed taking into account different house types and the specific requirements of individual tenants. After completing the initial survey we designed each kitchen and bathroom using portable CAD in the presence of the tenants and fully involved them with the process. Each tenant was issued with a set of plans detailing new installations and items to be retained. Regular site visits were made to each property to inspect the works both during construction and on completion.

At the end of the project the client had an accurate drawing and schedule of fitting records for the kitchen and bathroom of each property.

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