Dales Housing Environmental Improvements

Dales Housing owns approximately 3,500 properties varying from a number of residential homes and flats to large parts of estates in rural Derbyshire Towns and Villages to individual isolated properties.

During our 10 year involvement with Dales we have undertaken a variety of projects labelled environmental improvements.

These have included: 

  • Reviewing the gardens, hedges, fencing and landscaping of estate areas to “tidy up”, maintain and enhance the external environment.
  • Reviewing the grounds of residential homes and flats to remove or reuse obsolete external facilities, like drying areas, upgrade the external landscape and facilities to improve and widen the utilisation of spaces for both residents and visiting family members, by developing seating areas and play spaces.
  • Reducing the landlords maintenance activity and hence costs by the careful choice of materials, planting, external furniture and fittings.

Internally we have reviewed the internal circulation spaces and shared facilities within residential homes and flats by way of a makeover to modernise and refresh the environment as a whole in a cohesive manner.

Other Social Housing Projects

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