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Social Housing Projects

At T.A.D. we have a track record of maximising the potential of sites using the ingenuity of our staff to come up with alternative solutions to increase densities without decreasing the quality of the development.

Teamwork is a core value at T.A.D. and we ensure our clients form part of our team, enabling them to benefit from our advice, input and support whenever they need it. We seek to become the trusted partners of our clients through building long term relationships between our staff and clients, and focus on providing consistent personnel throughout the life of any relationship. Our team consists of creative professionals who tailor their approach to suit the project and team.

T.A.D. have operated in Yorkshire and the East Midlands for over 26 years giving us a comprehensive knowledge of the area, communities and the challenges of the different planning authorities. This knowledge and understanding enables us to create deliverable schemes that meet the needs of the communities they are built to create and meet the requirements of the local authorities ensuring a right first time approach and solution.

 Our services can be procured through a number of frameworks readily available to Housing Associations or through direct appointments. Whatever the means we will always provide you with our advice and support to help you with day to day issues.

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