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Bulwell Health Centre Decant

Project Value: £900k

The Bulwell LIFT project, which was a major urban re-development, necessitated in part the demolition of the existing health facility in the centre of the site, and its ultimate replacement.

The Nottinghamshire County PCT therefore had to provide temporary accommodation for the two GP practices and NHS facilities to allow the work to proceed.

The PCT had previously provided new temporary facilities by the use of prefabricated modular elements, however the combination of the need for a bespoke fit out, and the extensive costs associated with dis-assembly and relocating resulted in us being asked to look at alternatives.

A further problem was a complete lack of suitable vacant sites within the GP catchment area for any of new buildings of the size needed.

Therefore a disused warehouse was identified and the facilities created almost as a “film set” within the existing shell.

Minimal alterations were made to the external fabric for windows, in appropriate places, but otherwise it was a fit out within the wide span structure.  It utilised the cheapest and easiest form of timber raised floor to aid servicing and drainage set totally above the concrete slab, with stud partitions and ceilings.  The height within the warehouse also allowed servicing for electrics, plumbing and ventilation to occur above the accommodation, with safety maintenance walkways all within the dry envelope of the warehouse.

So the “fit-out” solution, eliminated almost all external envelope work, and facilitated a cost effective, easy to construct solution to be provided.  Being predominantly internal work, undertaken over the winter period ensured both keen pricing from contractors and a speedy delivery.

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