Primary Care

T.A.D. Architects Core values of Professionalism and Leadership ensure that our service provision provides a proactive management of all projects, with reporting structures and procedures to ensure you are engaged in the process from start to finish and have the right information available to you to report back within your practice.

Our healthcare track record is second to none and demonstrates that we have suitable experience and understanding in the principles of designing buildings for care. Whether this is through the use of Health Building Notes (HBNs) and Health Technical Memorandums (HTMs) to ensure your project complies with the standards used by CQC in their audits, or through the briefing process to ensure the design allows the project to be phased – minimising the impact on your patient’s experience.

T.A.D. have been appointed to a number of national, regional and local frameworks for the provision of professional consultancy services and therefore can demonstrate Value for Money in the provision of professional services that provide the right balance of quality of service against cost.

We manage our projects to ensure that money is spent wisely throughout the life of the project, constantly reviewing designs, specifications and risk to ensure cost is driven out of the project at the right time in the process. This starts at the outset with getting the brief right and we focus on this element as it has the most potential to affect the overall value of the project.

Our Core Values of Professionalism & Leadership, Ingenuity, Quality & Excellence, Understanding & Experience ensure that the service we will provide you with will exceed your expectations.

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