Multi-Bed Bays to Single Rooms Feasibility Study

TAD were commissioned through the NHS SBS framework to undertake a feasibility study into the options for converting the existing Wards, with Multi-Bed Bays into Single Rooms, whilst trying to maintain bed numbers.

Initially the work focussed on one particluar ward, but it became clear that the lack of space for decanting of service users whilst work took place would make many options unfeasible. Therefore the study expanded to review all Wards within the Unit and looked at a Phased Strategy that focussed on the most spacious wards initially to provide the decanting space necessary.

TAD were able to develop schemes that provided all single rooms within each Ward of the unit, whilst maintaining the bed numbers required. However we were also able to identify opportunities to improve the provision to include en-suite facilities to the whole of one ward and a number of rooms on every other ward. This demonstrated to CQC that the Trust were striving to meet the desired standards for inpatient accommodation, whilst working wihtin a constrained financial model and a physical envelope that allowed little room for expansion.

OBC Cost plans were developed for each option, TAD worked with the M&E Engineers to assess the implications on engineering services and provided a strategy for the scheme that fitted with the phased approach required.

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