Kings Mill ED Expansion

This project for Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was part of the Trust's long term plans expand and improve the capacity of their Emergency Department. This long term strategy gained increasing importance with the Covid-19 Pandemic and the £2m of capital funding issued by the Government has meant there was a priority to deliver some of the expansion before the winter to facilitate both greater capacity, but also to allow greater segregation of patients and streams through the department to reduce the risks of Covid-19 infections.

Our ability to be appointed quickly and efficiently through the NHS SBS Framework, coupled with our knowledge of the client and preferred contractor, allowed us to make significant gains on the programme in the early stages. A fast start on site for the decant enabling works enabled the primary area of expansion to be vacated, followed by internal alterations and refurbishment to create a new Ambulatory Emergency Care Unit (AECU) in two phases. Following completion of this work and the vacation of the existing AECU facilities the project then focussed on the delivery of an expansion to the Resus facilities through the provision of 5 new Enhanced Care Beds, whilst maintaining operation of the existing Resus bays and staff facilities right at the core of the Emergency Department.

T.A.D.'s ability to work collaboratively with all parties and develop design solutions that work for the clinical need, but which can also be constructed within a complex highly serviced and utilised department was key to the successful delivery of the project.

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