Guy’s Hospital Operating Theatres Refurbishment

Towards the end of the first lockdown period T.A.D. were engaged to look at Guy’s Hospital in London off the back of some Authorising Engineer work in Ventilation. Our experience and expertise in the healthcare sector was recognised by those engaged in the project and we were able to quickly resource this demanding project.

The Trust wanted to make use of significant Government funding during the Covid-19 pandemic, alongside the unparalleled access to their Operating Theatres whilst elective surgery was paused, to undertake some critical maintenance work to the ventilation systems.

Our early engagement in the project to look at the wider impacts and logistics as part of a feasibility study to replace the air handling unit for the Theatres enabled us to identify some significant issues with the existing building and layout that were impacting on the current ventilation system performance. From this initial study we were able to propose alterations and improvements to the Operating Theatres to make them more compliant with HTM-03, providing better and safer ventilation strategies, alongside much improved environmental improvements to Theatres that had seen a number of modifications over the years, but no significant refurbishment for quite some time.

The timeframe for the project was closely linked to the shutdown of elective surgery within the Trust due to Covid. The team was therefore under pressure to deliver the project as quickly as possible. From first appointment in June 2020 we were able to deliver and complete RIBA Stages 0-4 by the end of August, including significant engagement with the Clinical Teams that will be working from these spaces to ensure as many improvements to efficiency and performance were built into the scheme. 

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