Totley Methodist Church, Mission Building Project

T.A.D. Architects were appointed through a competitive process to provide a multi-disciplinary team to consider options for the Mission Building project at Totley Rise Methodist Church.  The Church Mission to offer access to all and to ensure that the buildings present a welcoming and open character is inhibited by the current structures which are austere and remote.  The separation of the buildings is inconvenient in bad weather, wastes land space between them and presents challenges in maintaining links with associated activities between the buildings.  In addition, the facilities accessed by community groups and others are inadequate in number and equality of access.

T.A.D.  Architects developed a feasibility report on a range of options for the redevelopment, refurbishment and rationalisation of space and facilities commensurate with their aims, aspirations and requirements.

Drawing on a range of other local SMEs, T.A.D. Architects undertook a number of surveys on the existing building, whilst simultaneously developing a detailed brief for the project. Various options were tabled, developed and refined over a period of several months in close collaboration with the project user group.

The final presentation and submission to the whole church family in February 2018 is just the start of the process for approval and fundraising for the Church, who will continue to be supported by T.A.D. Architects throughout.

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