• Rittal Office Extension
  • Rittal Office Extension

Rittal Office Extension

Project Value: £800,000

Rittal are a major international manufacturer and distributor of a whole range of boxes to contain all manner of electrical equipment.  Their facility at Hellaby, Rotherham, is one of their main distribution warehouses in the UK, with a typical two storey office facility across the front.

In order to develop this location as their marketing centre for the UK operations, the size of the office and support facilities was almost doubled.

We designed a two storey extension backwards into the first bays of the warehouse, to create additional space required which included a large multipurpose display, conference seminar space adjacent to the showroom and warehouse so “new products” could be easily transferred when needed for the various presentations to both the sales force and potential customers.

The construction of the offices themselves was fairly straightforward however the challenges were around constructing a new steel frame within an existing building and undertaking all the dirty construction activities between the “clean” offices and the “clean” warehouse which had to be kept fully operational at all times.

 We were appointed to provide all professional services for the project, so as Lead Consultant we were able to manage and fully coordinate all aspects, and in conjunction with the Contractor completed the project in time and below budget.

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