Catcliffe Memorial Hall Refurbishment

T.A.D. were originally commissioned in 2013 to undertake a Building Condition Survey of the existing Parish Hall as areas of the building were suffering from a lack of maintenance and failure of a number of building services resulting in damage to the building fabric.

Following this survey T.A.D. were subsequently commissioned to undertake an Option Appraisal of the site to look at a range of options from doing nothing, through to full demolition and rebuilding. T.A.D. provided a fully costed option appraisal that considered life cycle costings for each principal option and was subsequently presented to a Council Meeting in August 2014. The report included a recommendation for partial demolition, removing the unused and worst condition areas of the building, and then refurbishing the remaining spaces and addressing all building condition works. T.A.D. assisted in the local community consultation through provision of Building Plans and 3D visualisations.

In 2015 T.A.D. were commissioned to lead the project providing a full multi-disciplinary team. The works as designed included the demolition of a 2 storey later addition to the original building, stage area and undercroft storage, followed by rebuilding of the external gable wall to close of the retained building. Internally space planning layouts were made to provide a variety of meeting places and independent access to each. New floor, wall and ceiling finishes were applied throughout, with the exception of the existing parquet floor to the hall that was refurbished. New sanitary ware was provided throughout and a new commercial kitchen installed to facilitate the catering provision at the hall. M&E services were stripped out, new incoming supplies installed and new building services installed throughout. Externally the roof covering was fully replaced and insulation added, windows and doors replaced throughout, decorations, some minor structural repairs completed, car parking expanded and improved and the rear external area re-landscaped.

T.A.D. undertook the concept and detailed design prior to submitting the relevant Planning Application and Building Control Application. Construction information was prepared and T.A.D. managed the tender process through to providing a full report and attendance at Council meetings to discuss and approve the successful tender. Throughout these phases T.A.D. liaised closely with the Clerk to the Council and Council Chairman, managing the design within the available budget and assisting in the funding applications that were being made.

T.A.D. recognised the lack of resource within this client to undertake an open tender exercise, but the requirement to comply with Public Procurement Regulations remained, so we recommended utilising the YorBuild framework, which also provided for local spend initiatives that were key to the final decision.


T.A.D. administered the NEC contract through the framework, undertaking site inspections, certifying works and valuations as necessary and issuing instructions as required by the client to encompass additional works as additional funding became available. Management of the risk register was key to the delivery of the project with some significant risk associated with the demolition and retained structural elements to contend with.

As Principal Designer T.A.D. provided support and assistance to the client to ensure they understood and carried out their CDM obligations and coordinated the design and construction team to ensure their compliance.

Completion of the project has seen the occupation and use of the building increase significantly which was the ultimate aim and objective of the project to secure the long term viability of the Hall. The option appraisal approach ensured all options were considered and that all stakeholders were engaged early in the project to both contribute and buy into the overall success of the project that was developed and delivered by T.A.D. and their team.

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