• Caudwell House
  • Caudwell House

Caudwell House, Nottinghamshire

We were appointed as Lead Consultant and Architect by Nottinghamshire County Council to design an extension and alterations to County Hall, within a tight budget.

Whilst County Hall itself was not listed it was immediately adjacent to the Grade 1 Listed buildings owned by the National Trust, where both the planners and National Trust were keen to avoid over development and maintain, or even enhance, the setting of the listed building in the local environment.

This involved delicate discussions about the form, scale, design and materials of the extension that our client needed, to ensure that their old building remained functional, rather than becoming an obsolete unusable shell of a building stuck in a time warp due to its location next to a listed building.

The extensions themselves were therefore discreet and subtle replications of the original style of the building but adapted to suit the modern legislation, materials and construction necessary in a 21st Century building.

The house had to be retained in use throughout the works which required various temporary works to maintain the safety of the residents throughout the period.

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