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72 Bed Residential Care Home, Leamington

Project Value: 12.3m

The objective of the centre is to provide care to people with an acquired brain injury or a neurological disability such as Multiple Sclerosis, or Parkinson’s Disease.  Approximately 78 bedrooms comprising a mixture of long stay, short stay and respite rooms.  Rooms will be provided to commissioners on a first-come first-served basis as well as to people who self fund.

With an increasing reliance on family support and “care packages” provided at home it is anticipated that referrals will increasingly become the more severe, complex or difficult high dependency cases.

The respite care may be taken up to allow relatives a break, the “resident” a break or for a period of intense therapy or rehabilitation to restabilise the “resident’s’” position, or even a period of assistance or support to newly traumatised people during the move from hospital to home environment.

The centre will provide therapy services to directly address particular issues, as well as developmental or diversionary therapies to enhance quality of life aspirations.   Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy services will also be offered to the wider community.

The Trustees are committed to providing a “world class”, “gold standard” service to the residents in their care and have sought a design that reflects this objective.

The care regime will focus on maximising residents’ potential, within their physical limitations, and empowering them to control their own lives as far as possible.

The facilities will therefore provide the widest and easiest access to all facilities for all residents, relatives and friends.  The facilities themselves will be suitably spacious to accommodate all needs without any discrimination or segregation or different provision to residents regardless of whether they are permanent or respite, average or bariatric, or have any other or multiple issues to manage.

The design will be contemporary to reflect the changing and developing wishes of resident profile appropriate to the 21st Century.

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