What our Clients say about us

"Firstly we'd like to thank you for the advice you gave us last year... This was sound advice and in light of what has happended worth it's weight in gold. We consider the way your company has performed its function on this project to be of the highest standing..."

Richard Peck

"I actually enjoyed the meeting and was so very grateful to you all for allowing me pick up time and to revisit items . I feel you understand our vision very well and I can see us delivering our education vision in line with the plans..."

Jerry Tucker, Acorn Free School

"I have worked with TAD on many projects over several years and their commitment and knowledge has always been exceptional. I have always found them to be extremely responsive, pro-active, efficient and professional."

Jim Rimmer, Dales Housing

"TAD provided an excellent support to this process and worked extremely well with both Client and Contractor. The architect fully appreciated the political sensitivities within this type of environment and used tact, diplomacy and outstanding communication skills to help officers at NCC to deliver this piece of work within the time, cost and quality constraints.

I would definitely use TAD again and would unreservedly recommend them to anyone else. They were reliable, cooperative, knowledgeable, efficient and extremely professional. It has been a pleasure to work with them."

Nicola Read, Nottinghamshire County Council

TAD Architects